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Hello, I am LuQ!
  1. Hung out last night with @alexk0911 @grafitodesigns & lil Noah to watch these ladies battle it out in a roller derby championship match! #AtlantaRollergirls #rollerderby #jammers #sport #skating #helmet #pads #lastnight #awesome #battle #championship #ToxicShock #GoteamGo (at Atlanta Rollergirls “Dirty South Derby”)

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    Taka Hayashi x Vans Vault Original Classics “Sea Life” Pack

    Where to buy

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    this was my first time meetin her

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    got my forearm done by the wonderful @littlemissjesstattoos check her stuff out on instagram! c:

    Matej, that’s neato.

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    tonight got pho-cking real 🍲 #datenight @typicalculture (at Pho Fifth Avenue)

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    Nike SB Stefan Janoski Max Suede

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